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The Traveler

The Traveler ending is the result of deciding to leave town. To do this, either choose to escape town or befriend Perrault and fail to poison Carmosa. (Choose Escape Town or Re-take the residence (and fail to poison Carmosa)

Refer to this page for personality variants (aka "good"/"bad"/"smart", "pro tobias", "pro carmosa", etc.)



1. Traveler: Simply choose to leave under most circumstances. (Choose Escape Town)

2. Fugitive: Seduce Perrault, try to reclaim the manor, and fail to poison Carmosa. To have this option, Cinders must not know a way to arrest Carmosa or about her financial problems (or fail to bring the latter up when speaking to Carmosa). If Carmosa does not trust Cinders, the attempt will fail. (Choose Re-take the residence)


1. Perrault: Befriend or seduce Perrault. To befriend him, simply spend time with him. To seduce him, Cinders' character must be selfish and frivolous. Either way, the ending is the same.

2. Tobias: Befriend or seduce Tobias. To seduce him, flirt when given the chance, agree to a date, and either kiss him or invite yourself to his house when given the option (depending on Cinders' personality).

3. Madame Ghede: Befriend Ghede without befriending/seducing Tobias or Perrault. Agree with her that people are stupid and Carmosa is exceptional, and tell her that you have your ways or you don't have enough information when she asks Cinders what her plans are. (be "pro voodoo")

4. No one: Fail to befriend Perrault, Tobias, or Ghede.