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The Grim Fate ending is the result of failing to successfully poison Carmosa. To do this, avoid doing anything that would result in learning about her or getting in her good graces. You must also not seduce Perrault, as doing so will lead to the Fugitive variant of the Traveler ending. When the decision point comes, choose to re-take the residence. If Cinders has no other options, she will then attempt to poison Carmosa.

Refer to this page for personality variants (aka "good"/"bad"/"smart", "pro tobias", "pro carmosa", etc.)


  • Do not befriend Carmosa. Talk back to her, come home late, and do not save money for her.
  • Do not act romantically towards Perrault.
  • Do not follow the shady character when prompted. Do not succeed in extorting information out of him about Carmosa.

        - It is possible to follow the shady character in order to affect the affection points gained with Tobias. However if you          do this, when you next speak with Carmosa, DO NOT tell her you know about the money problems.

  • Do not search for a will if prompted.


1. Tobias Mourns: Go after shady and choose to believe in Tobias, agree to let him in, go on the date with him, and otherwise seduce him. (be "pro tobias")

2. Perrault Mourns: Become friends with Perrault, but do not seduce him.

3. Ghede Mourns: Become friends with Ghede. (be "pro voodoo")

4. No One Mourns: Fail to qualify for any other variant.