Four Endings
As stated on the homepage, all of the ending variants can be achieved in countless different ways. There are too many options for there to be a complete walkthrough of every combination. However, the easiest way to control which ending variants you will get is to use this page. Use Cinder's personality statistics in combination with the rest of the wiki and getting all the endings should be no problem.

Cinders has four endings:

The Fairytale EndingEdit

The Fairytale ending has 3 categories which are:

1. Queen typeEdit

1.1 Fair Queen
1.2 Evil Queen
1.3 Machiavellic Queen
1.4 Good Queen

2. Love InterestEdit

2.1 Tobias
2.2 Perrault
2.3 Prince
2.4 No Love

3. AdvisorsEdit

3.1 Fairy Advisor
3.2 Carmosa Advisor
3.3 Ghede Advisor
3.4 Independent

The Traveler EndingEdit

Traveler ending has 2 categories which are:

1. LifestyleEdit

1.1 Traveler
1.2 Fugitive

2. CompanyEdit

2.1 With Perrault
2.2 With Tobias
2.3 Witch's Apprentice (With Ghede)
2.4 Alone

The Independent Woman EndingEdit

The Independent Woman ending has 4 categories which are:

1. Carmosa StateEdit

1.1 Carmosa's Support
1.2 Broken Carmosa
1.3 Carmosa Poisoned
1.4 Carmosa Imprisoned

2. Type of HostEdit

2.1 Wise Host
2.2 Ironhanded Host
2.3 Good Host
2.4 Quiet Life

3. Connection with the SistersEdit

3.1 Connection with Gloria
3.2 Connection with Sophia
3.3 Sisterly Love
3.4 Sisterly Hate

4. Love InterestEdit

4.1 Loves Perrault
4.2 Loves Prince
4.3 Loves Tobias
4.4 No Love

The Grim Fate EndingEdit

The Grim Fate ending has 1 category which is:


1.1 Tobias Mourns
1.2 Perrault Mourns
1.3 Ghede Mourns
1.4 No One Mourns
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